Bathe your interiors with a new style

2018 is well underway, and throughout this year we’ve seen a variety of interior trends reach our homes. We have been to recognise the interior styles that are ‘hot’ for this year, interior must sees for your home. We thought we‘d plunge into bathroom style and highlight the some of the key trends plummeting into chic bathrooms. Fromm full bathroom makeover to subtle addition. It’s not too late to jump on the interior trends wagon and give your bathroom the style makeover it deserves.

Escape to the Spa
Transform your bathroom into a spa like haven, dive into a feeling of relaxation and tranquility. Muted tones, a touch of greenery, escapist bathrooms, deep soaking tones and soft harmonious textures. Why not add a splash of river stones to your sensual bathroom to build a smooth texture into the spa style….

High – Tech Style
We are immersed in the digital age where digital additions accompany rooms and interiors, and we’re not leaving the bathroom out of our gadget focus. The digital shower is the new best addition to our bathroom style. The digital shower is controlled by a remote control receiver, drawing hot and cold water together, mixing the signals until they reach the perfect temperature. Stress free showering for the busy lifestyle.

Indigo Blue
Dive into this season’s favourite tone – Indigo Blue. Rich and vibrant in tone, alluring and classic within the bathroom. Blue creates energy and relaxation within the bathroom. Indigo is the new black, and in 2018 is here to make a splash – reminiscent of coastal shores and maritime moods – combining a fun feel with an air of sophistication.

Mosaic Effect
Incorporate mosaics into your bathroom to develop a renaissance feel. The historic decoration with highly expressive potential has been modernised. 2018 modern mosaics create a new texture, format, colour, and feel to the bathroom. Top tile themes for 2018; herringbone, blissful blue, striking gold.

Bathe Your Interiors With A New Style by The London Shutter Company

Update your bathroom with 2018 style and bathe in a modern and contemporary washroom.

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