Choosing Art For Your Home – Does It Speak To You?

“Art is a place for expression through colour, content, and texture,” says Pawlak.

Choosing art for your home can be a daunting task if you don’t know much about art.  Big, small. Multicoloured, monochrome. While your interior design style may need to abide by certain rules your art doesn’t. If it speaks to you and you love it, buy it. You won’t want to miss out as some art pieces can be unique or one of a kind and sell quickly. In some places in the home, you want it to stand out and become a conversational piece.

You also don’t need to spend thousands of pounds on a piece of art. You can spend as much or as little as you like. There is plenty of great art out there for everyone’s budget. When it comes to hanging the art, hang it on a wall that it would work best on. If it’s a large piece for the bedroom or living room hang it on the main wall and make sure there is plenty of space around the art, you don’t want it to overpower the wall or disappear into the space either. Hang it at heart level so it’s easy to view without straining your neck so you can truly appreciate it. Each room requires different art so choose what is best for each room.

The kitchen is often an overlooked or forgotten room for art, where in actual fact it is a great place to have art. It is the heart of the house and where most people spend a lot of their time creating meals for their families or friends. Choose art that makes you smile and will contribute to brightening up your day. Such as wall sticker quotes or food inspired images with witty puns.

The bathroom is another neglected space when it comes to art. Choose art that will enhance the vibe of the bathroom rather than confuse the space. If it is the main bathroom choose art that is soothing, serene and boosts the relaxation mood of the room. If it’s the small spare toilet room, you could add some fun art or something that matches your personality. Art the matches and goes as a pair work well in the bathroom either stacked or placed side by side.

The bedroom is a space you can really let your personality shine because it is your space and everything in there should be things you love and that reflect you and your art should match that. If your room has a colour theme, say red, choose a piece of art to match. Much like the bathroom, bedroom art should have a sense of relaxation to it like landscapes or calming abstracts. Choose minimal framing solutions or canvas’. Focus on the art itself rather than the casing. Have a large-scale piece above the bed to help tie the whole room together and complete the space.

One of the main rooms in the house for art is the living room, and it is the room you could have the most fun with. Here you can really venture outside the “norm” of having picture art and choose art with different textures like 3D art. If it suits the space and your personality you could have a large pair of stag horns or even a feature wall with 3D looking wallpaper to give some depth to the room. Some other options you could have are two or more canvas’ to create one large image when placed side by side. Find something that is unique and matches your style.

So, whatever room you are wanting to complete with some added artwork, remember that each room requires a different form of art but all of them should speak to you and match your personality. Let your art speak for you and provoke some interesting conversations because art speaks in so many different ways. Art is also an investment that moves with you so also keep in mind to choose something that will outstand the test of time.

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