Christmas Trends

Christmas season, the most wonderful time of the year, is finally knocking on our doorsteps. We’ve waved goodbye to Autumn hues and welcomed with open arms the excitement of the holiday season. So, what are you doing with your interiors this season? Are you transforming them into a Winter Wonderland, a Scandi Fantasy, a traditional festive feast?

Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle this year, but put your Christmas decorations together, with style and flair, we’ve created a selection of our Christmas decoration trends and inspirations. A style to fit all.

Christmas Dining Room

The Christmas Dining Room and Dining Table are the centre pieces of tantalizing tastes. A hub for the family to fully enjoy the Christmas Day feast, pull a cracker or two and pop a cork, ready for the scrumptious spread. How to decorate the table? Keep it simple, don’t overcover your table with decorations, instead focus on the colours and the textures created through your décor.

We’d suggest natural foliage, combined with candles. Holly and Ivy dotted around crockery and glasses. Think about complimentary tones, golds and silvers work well against the natural green shades. Introducing the natural feel to your Dining Table is inexpensive too, your table will feel full with colours and textures and you won’t be burning a hole in your pocket.

For the chairs, why not throw in a touch of Sheepskin, to again heighten the natural feel and bring texture to your table; Sheepskin will lighten and soften a dark wooden dining table.


Christmas Tree Delight

O Christmas Tree…. We all have different choices and inspirations when it comes to our Christmas Trees. Traditional, Minimal, Real, Fake. Your Christmas tree is a place to express personality and passion. Decorating the tree welcomes Christmas with open arms. We’re fans of a Traditional Tree, with handmade ornaments. Start your ornament collection and bring memories to your Christmas. Make decorating your tree an event in the home, something to bring the family together. Ensure that you wrapping and boxing is complimentary to your tree décor, an addition not a distraction.


Christmas Finishing Touches

Your house is nearly complete, the tree is up, the festive food is filling the fridge, but wait. what are you missing? The Christmas finishing touches, are the elements of your home that add something a little different. How to add the finishing touches? The introduction of a Christmas Wreath to your home, is a great decorative addition. The wreaths carry a level of significance to them, the circular shapes suggest and represent eternity, as there is no beginning and no end. Wreaths don’t have to be traditional, they can be a range of styles and looks depending on your Christmas style. What about a Retro Wreath, introduce knitting and woven fabrics into your wreath, or a twist on a traditional wreath, throw in a touch of Plaid.

Add your own touch to decorations around the house, fill bowls with baubles and lights, put together your own place mats, look at decorations for your windows. Bring out your Winter Wonderland.


Now we really are feeling the true Christmas Spirit.

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