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Getting your garden Summer Ready

Spurts of increased sunshine and the possibility of more time spent out in the sunshine may have got the cogs turning on how to transform or add to your outdoor space ready for summertime. Planning your garden purchases and works early means that you won’t be left disappointed due to lack of stock, long wait times or increased prices due to demand. Here are some things to think about when giving your garden its fair-weather boost.

Being smart about your additions will allow you to make the most of any outdoor space and the trick is to plan early or make considerations about how each feature will pair with existing pieces/ layout in place.

Garden Furniture

Comfortable seating for your garden is a great way to ensure that the space is right for purpose and a nice area to enjoy throughout the day. However it can be hard to find something suitable for regular outdoor placement that looks good. High quality garden furniture can be an expensive investment so you will have to decide whether you would prefer to pay more for longevity of your furniture or opt for a cheaper temporary alternative.

For longer lasting pieces, there are a large variety of waterproof options that balance comfort with outdoor usage suitability of usage with many suitable to be left out permanently and covered in colder months. Moda are a good example of a supplier of these top quality items.

It is also easy to find outdoor furniture that has a smaller budget friendly price tag but still looks fantastic from most household name retailers that offer some great looking options that you can use as an alternative. Whether it is it a dining table with chairs sat around it or an outdoor lounge space, think about what your outdoor space will be predominantly used for to ensure that you get the best value for money. For example, if your garden doesn’t see much sun and gets cold easily meaning you don’t spend much time out there you likely don’t need to invest in higher end products.

Plants and Flowers

blankThere are a huge number of plants and flower species that you can source for your garden or outdoor space so it can feel somewhat overwhelming when making your choices.

Some things to focus on in your decision;

  • What do you already have in place? Achieving a consistent theme with your purchases can help boost the impact these natural additions will have to your outdoor area. Pot and planter sizes will also have an impact on this cohesiveness. Having various sizes of plants and pots can create a really interesting aesthetic for the outdoor space so imagine what pairings would be most suitable.
  • If you are sensitive to smells or high pollen counts then do your research ahead of purchasing plants or flowers to make sure that you do not end up with anything that you will be overly sensitive to.
  • Do you want to try and work to a colour scheme into your garden design? If so make sure you select plants and flowers that will compliment one another.

House and Garden have some great tips for boosting your garden space including rooftop garden inspirations to check out.

Additional extras

There are also plenty of additional extras that you may consider adding to your garden space. Some of these include;

  • Tasteful ornaments – Adding a selection of tasteful ornaments in the space will add some character to your garden and will help fill the space with a more complete finish.
  • Lights – There are a multitude of light options available for your garden and the best choice for you depends on what you’re looking to achieve from your lights. From decorative fairy lights to stand alone light features, there are plenty of options to choose from.
  • Storage space – Whether it is necessary or not, it is always useful to have storage space if there is room for it in your garden area. Sheds or small storage units will be a perfect addition to open up a space for you to store away items in colder months rather than finding space in the home for them. These could include cushions or practical garden furniture. You can also keep covers for your garden furniture in here in summer months when you want to keep the furniture exposed.
  • Screens or wall climbing plants – these are a fantastic option for increasing the privacy of your garden area if it is well exposed and will add extra greenery to the space giving beautiful aesthetics.


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