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Tastefully bringing florals into your home

It can be difficult to introduce florals into the home without descending into a 70s pattern overload and so many homeowners put themselves put off from adding florals to their room décor at risk of mimicking busy living room decor memories. However, now that florals are making a comeback with their own modern twist, we’re gradually being encouraged to change up our art-deco block colour and re-introduce these beautiful and nature inspired decors back into our space. Here are some ways you can boost your interior florals.

National Trust Collections

blankPhoto Source: TheNationalTrust.org.uk

The National Trust frequently release new home products with their licencing partners. These beautiful pieces are designed with inspired finishes by the numerous stunning parks and sites that the national trust look after throughout the UK. From tiles to wallpapers, these purchases boost the look of your home whilst helping fund the wonderful work that the national trust do to keep these sites looking beautiful and conserved for everyone to visit. The National Trust have a list of trusted partners on their website which you can see the various possibilities for your home and dream up how these stunning pieces will boost your rooms.

Unusual Lampshades


Lampshades have always been a great way to add a touch of something different to your home as these finishing additions can be a great touch to a rooms that is subtle enough so it does not overwhelm the overall interior theme that you are aiming for. Choosing a floral finish lampshade for your rooms is a fantastic way to add an extra texture into the space and will also give a beautiful addition to the otherwise plain ceiling space. If you have spotlights as your ceiling lights then you can buy interesting surrounds for the bulbs to add an extra shape texture to this light style in lieu of a lampshade.

Bedding and Soft Furnishings


The most common addition of florals and natural patterns to rooms is in soft furnishings. Many bedding, cushions and rugs come with floral finishes which against block painted walls can have a beautiful effect. To achieve a more modern floral look when looking at floral beddings or soft furnishings, bright and large block patterns will give a beautiful contemporary effect on the room décor without overwhelming any themes you have in place.

Floral Shaped Ceramics

blankAnother great way to add florals into your home is through the use of ceramics that you may scatter throughout the space. Decorative plates and bowls are a great option and can be useful for convenience of storage of loose items that always seem to go missing. Floral themed vases can also have a stunning effect however care should be taken with these to ensure that they do not look too busy when your cut flowers are on display. Choosing an unusual or statement vase will be particularly on trend as these statement vases are a hot topic in interior design accessories.

Floral Inspired Colour Schemes


If you are not looking to add floral patterns into your rooms, you might instead choose to get inspired by the colour schemes that flowers traditionally offer and replicate these in your rooms. Whether it is the beautiful pastels of tulips or bold rose colours, you can make your room really stand out through your use of paint or other colours dotted throughout the home.


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