The Beauty of Tropical Style

Dive into this beautiful British heatwave with a tropical touch. Tropical style brings energy, excitement, and a fresh look to your home. Let out your wild side and introduce a flurry of tropical passion into your home.

Tropical colour is both invigorating and relaxing at the same time, the bright tones create a contrasting complimentary feel. Tropical style injects a vibrant personality into your home, making you walk on the wild side. Combine, Hawaiian Tropics, Mediterranean Summers, and Botanical greens to unleash your tropical passion.

Read on to see our design ideas for a tropical explosion in the home:

Introduce a Pop Pink and Contrasting Green to your Living Room
Create Miami vibes with these two poptastic tones. The botanical green calms and introduces nature into your living area, whereas the contrasting pop pink brings energy and excitement. A splash of cooling flamingo and palm trees for a party vibe within the home. These shades are setting our hearts-a-flutter.


Create your own Urban Interior Jungle with interior Greenery
We are seeing the introduction of house plants within interiors. Small succulents, though to leafy palms. Bring the outside in and create your own tropical immersive experience. Plants can be an afterthought in design, but we know they can add the perfect finishing touches to the home, they make us happier, they help us recharge and can even make us more productive. Plants are an expressive work of art, bring in your botanical art to complement your interior style.


Throw in a splash of Tropical Print
Perhaps the easiest way to add a touch of tropical into your home is to add a new tropical cushion cover. Replace your old cushions with new additions. Bright patterns and textured pieces bring a new feel to your living area. Classic Palm trees will refresh with subtlety and intricacy, whereby statement pieces create an interesting and exciting addition. Think about including a statement chair with bold patterns – when the sunlight leaks into the room your room will be transformed.


Au Natural Style
Tropical prints can of course be more than just flamingo pink and leafy greens. Allow touches of natural prints and textures to develop and exciting yet elegant feel. This is the soft alternative to the bright and vibrant poptastic feel we introduced previously.

Tropical style is a trend constantly growing within our interior loves. It infuses life and vitality to the home and our style. Give your home a tropical twist and indulge in this exciting trend.



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