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Vintage Style

Here at The London Shutter Company, we recognise that there is an interior style to suit all style tastes. Whether you adore Scandi influences or Boho chic, there is an interior trend that will suit your style. We are passionate about interior design and adore how interiors are changing are developing. We have fallen in love with Vintage Style. This interior trend is ever growing and ever expanding across interiors, there’s not doubt that this style is as special as it is chic.

Arrangements of pastel shades, exposed wood and brick surfaces, combined with shabby chic upholstered furniture create a cosy, yet styled look within the home. Let us guide you through a selection of our favourite vintage styles so you can introduce this style into your home and lifestyle.

vintage-chair-suitcase-by-the-london-shutter-company -1100

Uplifted Furniture

No vintage style is complete without uplifted furniture. Fans of Vintage style will head to second hand furniture stores, car boots, and ‘bric-a-brac’ shops to find their vintage steals. Many designers are now also adapting their style to create a retro look within their products. We enjoy a combination of the two, a modern purchase with the retro feel.

Vintage Accessories

Think ornamental birdcages, sheepskin rugs, exposed light pendants, grandfather clocks. A mixture of these interesting and fascinating accessories within the home creates a cosy yet energetic interior. We adore suitcases as our vintage accessory of choice. Try suitcases as a decorative addition to your home. We love having full height wardrobes with a pile of vintage cases on top, great style and perfect storage!



Prints are perfect to create that vintage style. A combination of prints within the home inject energy and personality within the home. We love a combination of a patterned wallpaper and scatter cushions on a cosy sofa. Why not look at contrasting colours and patterns, man-made versus natural designs. Let your senses take over and immerse yourself into patterned ecstasy.



Vintage colour schemes create the true nostalgic and sentimental feel. Colour and pattern are the perfect way to introduce and inject vintage style into your home. Think about polka dots to take you back to the 1950’s or deep reds that’ll transform your home to the Victorian era. Colours and patterns will take a bit of thought, but when you get it right you vintage style will simply pop out.

This was our little selection of vintage delights. What’s yours? How will you add vintage style to your home?