Window Shutters

Window shutters can be divided into independently controlled sections allowing natural light in but keeping unwelcome attention out as well as immediately transforming any room, adding intrigue, function and style. London shutters are ideal for suburban living, popular installations including bedrooms, bathrooms and street facing windows.

They are a lifestyle, designed to function around your needs and unlike dusty curtains, London shutters are quick and easy to clean and offer a virtually maintenance free existence. There are a wide range of shutter styles and materials to choose from and a variety of extra options.

Shutter Styles

Shutter Styles by The London Shutter Co

At The London Shutter Company, we offer the widest range of shutter styles in the UK for you to choose from whatever the shape or size of your window.

Shutter Materials

Shutter Materials by The London Shutter Co

From our entry-level material Craftwood MDF to our premium wood White Teak, our shutter materials range is likely to suit all budgets.

Colour Options

Colour Options by The London Shutter Co

There are more than 48 finishes for you to choose from including 28 colour finishes, 20 stains finishes and the possibility of a matching custom colour.

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