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Choosing your perfect paint

When undertaking home renovations, you will likely come across many design choices and finishes at each stage of your works. If you have recruited the help of a designer, they will guide you towards certain concepts to suit your preferences and so your choices will already have been streamlined. However, if you are running your renovations solo then things might seem a little more overwhelming. Here are some tips that may help you choose the right paint finish when it comes to your decoration stage for you;

Consider your feature pieces

It can be easy to get carried away with all of the different paint options available from multiple brands so a good place to start with your paint colour is to consider how it will pair with existing pieces of furniture or wall features and art work. This will help you narrow down your search to fewer options and make choosing a little easier if you know you are matching to certain colours.


Don’t crutch on feature walls

Feature walls have been a popular interior design choice for many years and can be a great addition when used to enhance certain furniture or wall features. Where there is no specific purpose for the feature wall, designers are moving away from an purposeless feature wall and urging us to be braver in our injection of colour into the room and commit to adding this colour to every wall and really boost the benefits of that particular shade.

Get samples

It is always worth getting a sample size of your front runners so you can see what a complete finish will look like. A larger block of paint can have a totally different finish to a swatch and checking this can prevent regretting your decision down the line. Rather than painting directly onto the wall which can take longer and be more difficult to cover, use a large piece of card and add a few layers of the paint which will give you a good indication of the shade. You can do multiple of these and hold up against the wall to compare your options and feel well informed to the final finish you will achieve.

Don’t be afraid to be different

Bolder colours are appearing more frequently in interiors so don’t be shy about experimenting with your favourites. If you are already bound by some of your furniture colour choices then you might have a clear direction for your paint colour, otherwise the world is your oyster. Don’t be shy about this injection of colour into your room as a bright colour that you associate with positivity can lift your mood and benefit the room by making it look bigger.

You should also consider how you will approach each wall including your ceiling. Traditionally, white is the colour of choice for ceilings however homeowners are increasingly displaying increased colour bravery by opting for alternatives. If you would like to keep your ceiling colour choice understated whilst you get used to playing with ceiling colour, you can keep a neutral tone by either selecting a white with subtle undertones of colour running through it or go for a few shades lighter than the chosen wall colour to add colour but in a light tone to perfectly match the other paint tones in the room.


Go with your gut

If you spend a long time looking through paint samples, you can start to over-fixate on the options available and end up talking yourself out of options that were initially your favourite. If one colour option stood out more than the others in your initial browsing, trust that gut instinct. Don’t talk yourself out of it just because you’ve spent too long looking through alternative options or feel nervous about running with your first choice. Trust your instinct.

Don’t be afraid to mix colours

A hue of another colour can add to a paint tone. If you’re stuck between a couple of colour choices you could merge these together for the best of both. For example, if you are not sure whether to go for a blue or a green finish, perhaps a middle ground turquoise will tick each of your boxes.


Consider your home design concept

You may base your paint colour choice on a consistent design theme throughout your home. This will guide your decision to either match existing rooms or create a cohesive transition from room to room.


With an extensive range of standard colours and the option to custom colour match, your shutters will perfectly with your interiors no matter what paint option you decide to go for. Book a site survey today or to speak to one of our friendly team on 02088719333 or by using our Contact Us page.