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Solid Panel Shutters by The London Shutter Company Ltd

Solid Panel Shutters

As the name suggests they are solid panelled shutters and have been used in the UK for more than 200 years. They provide a more traditional finish to your window and you can have it as whole solid panel or with the top part with louvred panels and the bottom part with solid ones.

What is the difference between shaker style and solid raised shutters?

  • Shaker style and Solid raised are very similar but there are very minor differences to their aesthetics which might inform your decision of which to opt for. In solid raised insert shutters, the panel is manufactured so that the centre of the panel is raised up to the frame level giving more of an overall decorative feature, whereas shaker style panels have more of a simple dropped centre.

What’s the benefit of solid shutters over louvred shutters?

  • The key benefit of choosing a solid shutter over louvred shutters is their light blocking features. Where louvred shutters require a slight tolerance for movement which can cause a very slight light bleed between the louvres, the sold shutters do not have this. Louvred shutters and solid shutters also offer different aesthetics to one another so if you’re looking to modernise the most traditional style of shutter then solid panels are for you.

What material options do solid shutters come in?

  • Your solid shutters can be made in either our Pearlwood material or Ultra wood material. Both are beautifully finished wooden products with the key difference being larger frames on ultra wood and a tighter grain finish. You can find out more about both of these materials on our Shutter Materials page.

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