Shutter Styles

Made to suit any room, our shutter styles range is the perfect solution for you. No matter what the size or shape of your window there is also a solution for it. We also offer expert advice to help you choose the best shutter material to meet your requirements as we want to make sure you get exactly what you’re expecting with regards to the style and quality of product.

Full height shutters

Full Height Shutters by The London Shutter Company
This style is generally made up of rectangular or square shutter panels that span the full height of the shutter and window frame. To provide and add integrity to larger shutter panels, a mid-rail inclusion is available and they allow top and bottom louvre sets to be moved as required.

Cafe style shutters

Cafe Style Shutters by The London Shutter Company
Maximise light whilst providing privacy. With the top of the window un-shuttered, this style of shutters is ideally used on ground level windows but can also be used on the upper level windows.

Tier on tier shutters

Tier on Tier Shutters by The London Shutter Company
They function in the same way as full height but the panels is split into two parts that can be open and closed separately and independently allowing you to have a better control of light and privacy.

Solid panel shutters

Solid Panel Shutters by The London Shutter Company
As the name suggests they are solid panelled shutters and have been used in the UK for more than 200 years. They provide a more traditional finish to your window and you can have it as whole solid panel or with the top part with louvred panels and the bottom part with solid ones.

Special shapes shutters

Specials Shapes Shutters by The London Shutter Company
Even the most unusual window shapes can be catered for within the London Shutter Company shutters range. Most popular styles include arches, circles and triangular installations.

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