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Odd Shaped Shutters by The London Shutter Company Ltd

Arched Window Shutters

Arched and windows deliver all of the same classic functions as any window of lighting, air flow in the home as of course a view to the outside. But above all of that they also offer a strong aesthetic appeal. Rather than your standard straight lines, arched windows bring character and a romantic flare to your home. In most cases in order to have this added character you can sometimes feel a bit exposed if not covered.

With that elegance and beauty in your home, whatever shape or size your window, we design made to measure shutters that will fit your arched window wonderfully. Our wide range of Shutters are perfect for Arched Windows, adding style and flair to special shapes, but also adding privacy and light control. Our Shutters will create the finishing touches to your arched window shape.

Some of our most impressive jobs have been arched shutters. No matter the size of angle, shutters are the best solution to cover your window without compromising on the surrounding space and style of the window while still getting privacy and light control in your home.

Can I have shutters on my arched window despite its special shape, how will this work?

  • Absolutely, you can install shutters on any window no matter the shape due to them being custom made specifically for your room and windows. We ensure that your shutters will be a perfect fit by measuring each section of the window and then taking a stencil of any unique angels and the general shaped part of the window which is then sent to the factory so they make the shutters perfectly for the window.

What material can I have for my arched window shutters?

  • There are two materials that you can choose from for your arched window, Pearlwood and Ultra shutters, both are full wood products in both panels and framing which ensures they are light enough to come with a shaped structure specially made in the shape of your window.

Will shutters work well on my arch window?

  • Yes, you can look at some fabulous examples of shaped shutters we have installed previously on shaped windows to see how fantastic the finish looks on the window. The fantastic thing about shutters is that they ensure that the character of your window is not lost as it could be when completely covered with blinds or curtains which completely cover the whole section. As shutters are made in the shape of the window it will still have the same wonderful finish in the room when shutters are open, or closer, whichever is preferable.

There are many different shutter configurations that work with arched windows and our experienced team of experts will recommend the best for you based on your window. Once made and delivered they will then be fitted to your windows seamlessly completing the look of your room.

Our range was designed to suit all budgets starting from our entry level material Craftwood MDF all the way to our premium wood Ultra. The colour options will vary amongst the materials with one offering more options than others, the good news is that they all offer at least five shades of white, so you are likely to find what you are looking for.

Show off your curves with our radiant shutters.