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Odd Shaped Shutters by The London Shutter Company Ltd

Odd Shaped Shutters

Even the most unusual window shapes can be catered for within the London Shutter Company shutters range. Most popular styles include arches, circles and triangular installations.

I have an odd shaped window, will this be different to regular window shutters?

  • Yes. Your shutters will be made to the same shape as your window so in the same way your window differs from classic rectangular windows, your shutters will also follow whether it is circular, triangular or anything else your architects or window company have dreamed up.

What materials do odd shaped shutters come in?

  • Shutters made into shapes other than square or rectangular shapes are made in our wooden materials. You will have a choice of either our Pearlwood material or Ultra wood.

Can I have a shutter made in any shape?

  • We are able to make shutters into almost any shape. Our expert surveyors make shutters perfect for your window by taking exact measurements of each width, length and angle as well as creating a template to be sent direct to the factory so the shutters can be manufactured just as you would expect.

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