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Do Shutters Look Good From Outside Of A House?

It’s no secret that shutters are a brilliant investment thanks to all of the benefits they have to offer. But this premium window dressing isn’t just a fantastic addition for inside of the house, they also look great from the outside too.

Put simply, the answer to whether shutters look as good from outside of a home as they do inside is a huge, resounding YES – shutters look brilliant from the outside of a home and offer a glimpse at the luxury that is tucked away on the inside of the property.


If you find yourself wondering down various London streets, you will likely notice the multiple homes that have shutters installed to their windows and how fantastic they look. The brilliant news is that this is something you can easily achieve too by adding shutters to your own home.

When considering the overall look of the shutters from the outside of a property, we often recommend opting for a consistency in design and colours. This will achieve a standard look for every window in the property and ensure that when viewing a property from the exterior, each of the windows has the same great look.

One of the key reasons our clients choose shutters for their home is to achieve desired privacy in their rooms without having to completely block out incoming natural light. This becomes clearer when looking at the shutters from the outside of a property where the view is significantly obstructed showing their efficiency. Matching the colour of all shutters in the property, even where alternative styles are chosen, ensures that no matter what the individual room décor is, the shutters will all pair excellently to one another and look cohesive from room to room outside of the house.

Another fantastic benefit of adding shutters to a property is that they can provide an extra security layer in front of the window. So, the shutters don’t just look brilliant from the outside of the property but can also act as a deterrence for any potentially unsavory intentions thanks to the sturdy, extra layer to be broken through.


Properties with shutters have increased curb appeal so are more desirable buyers for multiple reasons. The shutters make the property look more complete and as a long-term investment into this window dressing that pairs perfectly with the surrounds, you know that your shutters will be a significant part of the home for a long time.

The curb appeal provided by shutters can also help to improve the saleability of a property, and even increase the value of a house if this is something you would consider going forward. So buying shutters doesn’t just benefit on a short-term basis, but for longer periods too.

If you would like to improve both the interior and exterior look of your home by adding shutters then get in touch with our team on 020 8871 9333 and we guide you through all of the steps for transforming your windows or answer any queries that you may have.