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Latest Shutter Fittings By The London Shutter Company

Our specialist fitters fit a huge amount of shutters for our wonderful clients each day and we just love to see the transformation of windows once these luxury window dressings are installed. Here are some of our favourite recent installations.


This beautiful set of bathroom shutters has been made in our waterproof material which is best suited to any area where the shutters may be exposed to high moisture levels or get splashed when in the room.

Waterproof shutters have the same great look as the rest of our range but this hidden benefit ensures that the lifespan of the shutters matches those throughout the home even with the exposure to moisture.

To ensure the whole shutter is waterproofed, stainless steel hinges are added as a standard, providing an extra luxury to the overall shutter and give a wonderful finish to the panel.

Custom T-Posts allow for structural support across the shutters making an important addition to large windows such as these to ensure that the shutters don’t just look fantastic but are also effective in their usage.

The Pure White colour selected for these shutters’ ties in wonderfully with the bathroom décor and aesthetics and works as a brilliant choice for the the sleek and clean interiors that are presented in this stunning room with a beautiful finish.

Café style shutters are commonly selected for bathroom windows as this is a room of the home where total darkness would not necessarily be required but increased privacy is essential when the room is in us.


In this beautiful dining room, a fantastic combination of traditional and modern interiors has been achieved and the café style shutters we have installed to these windows are truly the finishing touch.

Leaving the colourful detail at the top of the window exposed, the café style shutters cover the bottom section of these ground floor windows, so the homeowners can enjoy a brilliant level of privacy without loosing the effect of the windows in the room.

Paired with a central tilt rod for easy operation, the largest of our slat sizes, 89mm, has been selected for these shutters which as pictured ensures that plenty of light is able to shine through into the room and a fabulously contemporary shutter look.


We often have clients with this style of window come to us with the same dilemma – how do I cover this unique shape without completely blocking out the area?

This curved bay window is a perfect example of why shutters are a superior window dressing to any other option as we have been able to maintain the stunning shape that makes a defining feature of the room whilst providing full coverage of the windows so the room benefits from increased light blockage and privacy.

Made in our Craftwood MDF material, these full height shutters simultaneously pair beautifully with the window surrounds whilst standing alone in the rest of the room.

Without a tilt rod gives an easy control use for the slats and the hidden break in the panel means that various sections can be controlled independently from another.


Shutters have long been a favourable option for kitchens, but wow does this kitchen area illustrate how spectacular shutters can make a space.

In a stunning Pure white colour and featuring hidden breaks separating slat sections in panels, these shutters have a clean and sleek finish and are very successful in keeping the privacy and light controlled within the space whilst making for the perfect finishing touch.

In the Craftwood MDF material the overall finish of the shutters is smooth and easy to maintain.

Feeling inspired by these lovely windows to install some of your own shutters? Simply give our team a call on 020 8871 9333.