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Shutters are like a fine watch

It’s no secret that for many items, investing even just a little more can bring an additional level of luxury and ensure a longer lifetime of the purchase. Shutters are no exception to this and you could compare the process of buying shutters to like buying yourself a fine watch.

Imagine you’ve been saving to treat yourself to a nice watch. You might have a particular brand in mind as you know the quality is unparalleled and they have a fantastic reputation. This is the brand that you base your search on.

After researching, you come across a main supplier of the brand and decide this is a great place to start. You go into the shop and get that’s where the fun begins.

There are many different styles and options on offer and you feel spoilt for choice. Luckily, there are experts there to guide you through your options and help you learn about everything on offer to figure out your best option and you truly feel that you’ve been advised by the very best.

Having settled on the particular watch you might like to go for, you decide to think on it a little and browse around other stores to see what’s on offer. As a result of your browsing, you find similar watches from alternative suppliers and brands, some at a lower cost and find yourself tempted to explore these options. There are three possible outcomes;

  1. You get talked into a lesser quality watch brand by one of the alternative suppliers who claim that it matches the same exceptional quality as your original choice. Thinking ‘why would I pay more if it’s the same?’ you decide to go for the cheaper option and feel chuffed with your purchase for a year until the watch mechanism breaks. You realise that the look a like you bought was not the same quality at all and although initially cheaper, you have paid a significant amount of money for a watch that should have been a lifetime investment and is now falling apart.
  2. Having received a great deal of information from your initial enquiries about how the build quality of that particular brand is unlike any other, you make sure that you only find the identical model in your search and manage to find another supplier. This is a smaller and newer supplier who works on a smaller scale. You struggle to get much information, however feeling well informed from the original supplier, you are confident in what you are looking for so this doesn’t feel like much of an issue. The alternative supplier offers a shorter guarantee on the watch but you would rather save the money and decide it will be fine. Two years later there is a minor issue that should definitely be covered under the watch guarantee so you dig out the information. To your surprise, you are already outside of the shortened guarantee and will have to pay to repair the watch yourself and when you decide to call in to speak to the supplier and see if there is anything they can do but are surprised to find that the shop is closed so unable to help.
  3. You decide to stick with the original supplier after weighing up all of your options as you are thrilled with the quality of watch you purchase and feel confident that being so long established, the company will be there to honour your guarantee period and for any aftercare advise you need about your lovely new watch.


We want all of our clients to open themselves up to the very best shutter product available for themselves and their home. Just like buying a fine watch, it can be tempting to opt for alternatives and whilst these seam like a bargain option, long-term you may come into problems as a result.  Investing in quality shutters from a quality company not only ensures that this luxury window dressing will last for many years to come but that should you have any queries at all or need to follow up you have chosen a company that will be there for everything you need and honour your warranty for years to come.

If you are looking to add shutters to your home, our team are on hand to help with anything at all you need. You can give us a call on 020 8871 9333 or use the Contact Us page and we will give you a call.