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Spring Savings Inspiring Your Shutter Design

Spring has sprung and we’re offering an impressive 10% off our shutter materials*. This great discount is on offer until the end of April so to make the most be sure to start your shutter journey today!

Whilst gathering inspiration for your shutters and how to best pair them to your home style, if you are looking to embody a classic or contemporary style for your shutter, here are some design features to look out for.

Classic Louvred Shutters


For a more traditional shutter style, there are some features of our classic louvred shutters that you will be looking at to achieve a classic louvred shutter look. The key design detail that embodies this classic look is the combination of 64mm slat and a tilt rod to control the slats. This tilt rod can be positioned in the center of the panel or offset to one side. These classic features have been found on shutters for many years and so choosing to include them on your shutters will help achieve this classic look. In colouring, the most traditional styles of shutter tend to feature stains which are available in our luxury Pearlwood and Ultra wood finishes.



If you are aiming for a more contemporary style of shutter then you will be looking at some alternative finishes to the classic shutter choices mentioned above. White painted colours are favoured in contemporary shutter designs and we see many of our customers opting for Pure and silk white to best suit window and surround colours. Wherever veering away from white, grey finishes are favoured as well as custom colour matching which is becoming a popular choice. Big paint names such as farrow and ball, RAL or Dulux can be used for the paint finish on the shutters achieved by using an electronic eye to match to the desired colour and then shutters are sprayed to match. In modern shutter design, it is often the case that our ‘without a tilt rod’ is selected. In lieu of a tilt rod to control the shutters, an internal cog mechanism is built into the panel which slats click into allowing them to be controlled by simply maneuvering a single slat in the panel or slat section. Larger slat sizes in our 76mm or 89mm are also preferred in this contemporary design. Full height shutters have always been the most popular shutter style however we are seeing an increasing preference for tier on tier where top and bottom panels open separately to one another.

Solid Shutters


Solid shutters are a less popular choice than louvred shutters although many years ago this was the only style of shutter available. They have the benefit of blocking out complete levels of light and provide a block covering for the window showing off the high quality wood finish they are built from. To operate solid paneled shutters you will have a choice of ring pulls or knobs so you can customise the overall finish to your preference. We are seeing an increase in popularity of solid shutters as this sleek wooden covering becomes a more preferable choice.

*All wood not included.