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Tricky Bay Windows – Why Shutters Are The Solution

Bay windows are notoriously one of the most difficult window styles to dress, yet they are a key feature for so many homes throughout London and the surrounding areas. Clients reach out to us to help them transform their window areas without effecting the overall aesthetic using shutters – and bay windows the sticking point which often put shutters in their mind.   

Let’s firstly delve into exactly what a bay window is.

A bay window is a window with multiple panes that extends out of a room to add an additional section into the space. These are common in more modern homes where window taxes and the like that were applicable to Victorian homes are no longer in place.

Though the term ‘bay window’ is used as a generic term to cover all windows which fall under this bracket, there are actually two specific terms within this style of window – ‘bay’ and ‘bow’ windows. Bay windows are used to describe windows with three distinct sections, meeting at two points where the angle changes. Bow windows are similar to Bay windows but instead of just three distinct sections they have multiple panels (more than three) that all meet at various angles.

The angles where window panels meet are one of the key reasons that bay windows can be difficult to dress. For standard square windows, installing curtains or blinds can work well on the window because a single rail or blind box is fitted above the space without being too disruptive. Shutters can of course still be installed to these windows to access all the fantastic benefits on offer.

However, bay windows are a different story when it comes to curtains and blinds because the only way to make these alternatives work would be to have multiple sets of curtains or blinds installed to each pane which can result in a busy or disjointed look for the windows.

So why are shutters different?

Shutters are custom made for the windows which they are intended for down to the nearest millimetre, so they fit perfectly within the space. With everything including the angles of the bay manufactured specifically for that window, the shutters will fit like a glove.  


Bay window shutters are secured by either side fixing the frames into the recess if it is large enough, or face fixing around the window space. Both fixing methods are great and have their merits so the most suitable option will be decided when our experts come to see you and your window style and preferred panel design is established.

It is not just the case that shutters are generally the best window dressing for your windows, but as a custom-made product you have so many choices on offer in both design and the overall finish of the shutters so they’re a fabulous option on both a practical and aesthetic level.

Finally, the addition of this long-lasting window dressing also opens an array of benefits for the windows including various levels of privacy, temperature and noise control benefits depending how slats and panels are operated and manoeuvred. What’s not to love?


You can get a quote for shutters for your bay window by submitting some window sizes to our online quote calculator, contacting the team on 020 8871 9333 or visiting our Battersea showroom.