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What is the average cost of shutters?

Shutters are a luxury window dressing and a significant purchase for many homeowners. A true investment into their home.

In the early stages of browsing, many people query roughly how much shutters will cost to put together a budget and consider if shutters are right for them. Sadly, it’s not as simple of a question as it may seem.

Shutters are priced on a square meter basis, so the overall cost of the shutter is determined by the material chosen for this customised product and the size of the window. Our prices per square meter vary but start at £215 for our entry level material which means if you have a standard sash window that is 1 meter by 1 meter then you will be looking at £215 for that one window shutter as a minimum. There are also a couple of other contributing factors that will effect the overall cost of adding shutters to your home.

We always recommend making use of our expert measure and fitting service, who better to perfectly measure and fit your shutters for you than professionals who do it every day? This experience comes with a service charge but is fantastic value to know that your shutters will be the excellent fit that allows them to be a stunning, long-lasting addition. This rate is determined by the property location along with the size and difficulty of the job.

Many design features are included as standard in the shutter price but there are also some design choices that are chargeable including choosing our without a tilt rod mechanism which sees additional features built into the panel. There are also options such as luxury material fixings including various materials which some people choose to enhance the finish of their shutters.

Occasionally, additional features may also be included to assist the structural support of the shutters including T-Posts or customised bay posts to ensure that the overall finish is seamless and luxurious.

If you are looking to save on your shutters there are a few ways this can be achieved. Café style shutters reduce the overall square meterage of shutters and are a brilliant option for living rooms and other communal areas which don’t require complete light block of the window but where enhanced privacy is still required. Having our standard central tilt rod option is a great option for the design of the shutter and is also included as a standard in the price.

The best way to obtain a cost for your shutters is to proceed with the following options: use our online quote calculator to estimate the material costs of your shutters as a starting point, call our office on 020 8871 9333 with your window measurements for advice on fitting costs or additional extras that may be required, or book straight in for a measure appointment with one of our experts who will be able to advise on all costs as well as undertake a full design consultation with you.