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Why Shutters Are The Perfect Solution for Children’s Rooms

In a room dedicated to fun and play, yet also vital for a good night’s sleep, it can be difficult to find the perfect window dressing to tick all the right boxes. How do you find the perfect window dressing for your child’s room? You need the perfect storm between fun, practical and safe and trying to find a combination of all three can feel tricky… well look no further, shutters are the ideal window dressing!  

There are several benefits that come with installing shutters to a window, all contributing to them being ideal for children’s bedrooms or playrooms. Here are the reasons that installing shutters to youngsters’ bedrooms, and throughout the home, is the best possible solution.

Light Control

If your child is a light sleeper then being able to control the light levels of the room throughout various times of day will be vital to ensure that when they are put down for naps or a good night’s sleep that the room is sufficiently dark to make sleeping arrangements as easy as possible. Many choose to add room darkening blinds to their shutters, particularly in nurseries and children’s rooms where the darkest possible effect is preferred. This added extra is not a necessity but can help to enhance the darkness of the space so the room is as dark as it possibly can be.



It is not just light control that you may be focused on achieving with the window dressing. During the day when the room is being used as a play area, nappy changing station, or anything else, having privacy whilst still allowing natural light through into the space is ideal as opposed to having to choose and entirely open or entirely closed window dressing. The slats in the panels allow privacy to be achieved as slats can be tilted to an angle where light is still able to shine through into the room yet restricting the view into the room.

Temperature Control

Keeping a child’s room or play space temperature controlled is vitally important throughout the year, especially on warmer days and months. Shutters are a brilliant solution for this as they can be used in two ways – to create a breeze through the room by having the shutters closed in front of an open window or by having the wooden covering in front of the window it helps to keep heat within the room on colder months – how versatile!


The extra covering in front of the window that is offered by the solid shutter material can help make a room feel more secure, especially if is located on a ground floor. Shutters are also able to offer additional security for the window if locks or bolts are added to the panels which can be particularly beneficial if you will have windows etc open to give you piece of mind that your little ones are safe and sound in the space.

If you are looking for a higher level of security for rooms and your overall home, then our Aluminium Security shutters may be just what you’re looking for in your shutters. This material combines luxury with security for the windows and is our most premium material on offer.


Easy To Clean

Something that will no doubt cross your mind when it comes to children’s bedroom/ playroom window dressings is how easy it is to clean and maintain each aspect of their room. Shutters are a brilliant option as the cleaning and maintenance is very easy. This is especially the case if materials such as our Craftwood MDF, which has a polypropylene coating so means that the shutters can be cleaned either with a feather duster or by wiping down with a lightly damp cloth.

Long Lasting

Our shutters are manufactured in the strongest materials to make them a long-lasting window dressing ideal for children’s rooms or busy family rooms. We know that room décors change over the years to continue to be age appropriate and curtains and blinds often don’t make the cut in the changes which can result in regular changes and the cost associated with this. Provided that a neutral colour has been selected to fit with the window style, shutters will continue to tie in fantastically with the room and fit in seamlessly with the area for many. The other benefit of this is that the shutters will tie in nicely with the room décor of the rest of the home. Desirable particularly from the exterior of the property can be a nice addition.


We all want our children to be carefree when enjoying play time in their bedrooms and having a robust window dressing can ensure that this addition will stand the test of time. Shutters are designed and built to stand the test of time so they will be perfect for any room throughout the home – even where your little monsters are present!


When it comes to safety, we know how vitally important it is to ensure that absolutely everything is safe and sound so that you can sleep easy that your little ones are well protected. All of our shutters are child safe with no loose parts to get caught and every product has been tested intensely to ensure that absolutely every part of the shutter is completely safe use around and by children. Even fine details such as the cord required to operate a room darkening blind if selected has a child safety feature making the bottom snap open when pressure is applied.

You can arrange installation of shutters to your little darling’s rooms by contacting The London Shutter Company team on 020 8871 9333. Want to know the cost before a full survey? Enter some basic measurements to our Online Quote Calculator to receive material costs of your shutters. You can submit to our team for a breakdown of installation costs. We can’t wait to speak with you soon!