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Blocking out the summer sun from your rooms

As we burn through the summer months, we enjoy long sunshine days and bursts of light through the home for longer periods of time. A question that many of our customers approach us with, especially at this time of year, is how light can be blocked out from rooms both at night and during the day for a better, longer, nights sleep.

Well, there is one very effective solution, and we think you’ll be able to guess what it is… shutters!

Shutters are a wonderful solution to blocking out light from a room for a multitude of reasons.

Made to measure for any window which they are installed to, window shapes within rooms don’t get lost when shutters are added to them which can keep the room looking spacious and avoids overcompensated blockage of the windows.

Plantation shutters are often selected for their varying possibilities of light control outside of the traditional “all dark or all light” option. In other words, alternative window dressings always came down to a choice between total coverage of the window or full exposure of the room, with no middle ground between the two.


Tilting slats within panels controls the amount of light that comes through into a room and gives varying levels of light control throughout. If looking to open up further variation in the louvres, then a recommended style of shutter to go for would be full height with either a divider rail or a hidden break. This allows for slats to move in separate sections and gives an additional level of control for both the light levels in the room throughout the day and also in the evening.

If a full solid shutter is chosen, which is a more traditional design option being the original style of shutter, then slats are not present. In an instance where varying light levels are desired then louvred shutters would be the more preferable option to go for.

In summer months, it is not just desirable to be able to block out all light from a room at night and in the evening, there is also a want for blocking out varying levels of light during the day. Depending on the direction of the sun, and the amount of light that shines through into the room, slat tilt can help to control both the temperature and brightness in rooms.

There are also many reasons you may wish to do so during the day too. Whether that is for better viewing on a screen such as a TV, or to avoid light shine on specific items to try and keep room temperatures down, shutters are a great solution for this during the day as you can either tilt slats slightly or manoeuvre them to the closed position.

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