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What Are Aluminium Shutters And Why They’re Perfect For Your Home

Aluminium Security Shutters are one of the most superior materials on offer for shutters and double up as a fantastic measure for keeping your home both stylish and secure. The durability of the architectural grade aluminium with Italian bolt locking systems ensure that when shutters are closed and locked, they are not only strong and durable to avoid break-ins, but also act as a great deterrent for the windows.

Why Are Aluminium Shutters So Good?

Security Shutters make a brilliant addition to the home because they are a strong, stylish and secure option for your windows. As well as being a brilliant alternative to eyesore traditional security measures such as bars and grills, security shutters also offer all of the same great benefits of other shutter materials including light control, insulating benefits and increased privacy for your rooms. Our security range is the most luxurious within our range so if you’re looking for the highest quality installations in your home then this security range is certainly the way to go. The high quality of the material and security systems means that every part of the shutter is study and durable.

What Is The Cost Of Aluminium Shutters?

Aluminium Shutters cost approximately £725 per square meter with a long list of features included within that cost. Standard design features include 89mm slats, hidden tilt control of slats through a hidden mechanism, individual locks on each of the panels and an array of panel design possibilities including track systems, bi-folding panels, or standard panel openings. This shutter material comes with three possible colour finishes; satin white, light grey and charcoal. So, whatever your style room represents, and whatever it is that makes your house feel like a home, you will be able to find a brilliant option that works wonderfully for you.


Can Aluminium Shutters Be Fitted Outside?

Yes, Aluminium Shutters can be fitted both inside and outside of the house. Inside installations tend to be the most preferred choice because then the other benefits on offer from the Aluminium Shutters such as privacy control by tilting slats can be more easily operated if they are on the inside of the window. The warranty period for Aluminium Shutters is also longer for inside installations so for a longer lasting addition to your home, opting to add the shutters inside the home is always a good choice.

Where Can I Get Aluminium Shutters In London?

As one of the most experienced Shutter suppliers in London and the UK, The London Shutter Company experts are best placed to help you transform your windows and home with Aluminium Shutters. Shutters are a technically complex addition to any window in all materials but this is especially the case in Aluminium materials. The nature of working with a metal shutter means that there is no margin for error so it is vitally important that your shutters are measured and installed down to the closest millimetre and to have the very best for the job arranging this for you.  

If you would like the experts at The London Shutter Company assist with shutters for your home then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team who will be able to assist with anything you need. You can call on 020 8871 9222, submit a Contact Us form through our website or use our Online Quote Calculator to get a cost for your shutters.