Design Your Home Soho House Style…

The Soho Group, the London- based private members’ club and hotel chain have over 17 properties around the world, ranging from rural to urban and from small and unique to expansive. These stunning properties and locations, all share 1 key element, unbelievable style.

Soho House is the epitome of interior design goals, the style to the properties can be described as a cosy-yet-luxurious style. Picture the gorgeous rooms in a Soho House establishment, a combination of luxurious velvet, butter-soft leather, eclectic combinations of prints and artwork. Interiors bursting with personality and excitement. One could describe the interiors as wonderlands of style and charisma, perfect to entertain their guests.

So, how can you introduce a little Soho House into your interiors this season? How can you throw in comfort combined with style and charisma? Create that members club feel to your humble abode…


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Rich and Luxe Materials…
Soho House spaces are about the luxury but accessible feel. A mixture of velvet, leather, heavy linen, beautiful brass- it’s all about a blend of textures. We adore chesterfield sofas, wing-backed armchairs, sheepskin rugs. Throw in dark exposed wooden flooring for a sultry and defined appearance.

Colour Palettes…
Soho House has adopted a masculine colour palette, with rich tones. We’re not looking minimalist colours here, think more dramatic with depth. Soho House colour palettes are emotive, passionate, fervent. Think about developing your home into a film set, introduce the perfect colour palette for your home, but remember don’t over complicate, think about a base of 5 key complimentary tones to build your Soho House style.


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Inspiration from the setting…
Soho House’s take inspiration from their locations, think about Graffiti in Berlin, countryside bliss in Oxfordshire, floral chintz in London, decorative tiling in Istanbul. Recreate your Soho House feel with style from the region you live in. Throw in some local treasures and delights to create the homely yet stylistic feel to your home.

Upcycle Classic Style…
Soho House combines style, furniture is often antique or created and designed to look so. Try a mid-century modern style, with dark heavy furniture pieces. Mid-Century modern armchairs join refined looks with unsurpassable comfort. Strip back your old furniture for a shabby chic exterior, perfect for wardrobes looking to add style and statement within your bedroom. A key to developing this look is to avoid new pieces – think of new as art and lighting.

Get ready to introduce Soho House into your home. Bring in a touch of vibrant character and style and prepare to amaze your guests. A season of style and sophistication is waiting for you. Our shutters are the perfect compliment to Soho House style, have a browse through our styles and explore the perfect match for you.

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