Hollywood Regency Style – More is More

Picture this, waking up on a Monday morning and feeling like a film star, gazing at your surroundings as if on camera or the feature of a Hollywood hit. Interior style is ever growing and prominent with our style surroundings. We endeavour to create and develop individual style within our homes. Homeowners are constantly looking to develop and create style that inspires the senses and imaginations.

At The London Shutter Company, we are seeing an increasing amount of homes exploring on stage style – diving into a film set. Our interior screen style of the month is Hollywood Regency, or Regency Modern. This style is characterised by bold contrasting colours, with metallic and glass accents, creating both a lavish and comforting feel within the home.

‘Hollywood Regency is glitz and glamour covered in lacquer, chrome, and mirrored finishes. Every detail is meant to convey luxury and there is always the feeling that people should look good in the design – particularly if they are wearing satin bathrobes and sipping a cocktail.’ Rochelle Greayer

The style originated in California and was inspired by the opulent homes of the Golden Era cinema stars. The opulent style uses a combination of clashing shades – hot pink, turquoise, yellow, emerald green, black and white to develop its standout trademark style.

Hollywood Regency is all about going over-the-top, introducing fringing, crystals, patterns, contrasting fabrics and materials. The style incorporates glamour and detailing, creating juxtapositions of super clean with elaborate elements. The style focuses on making the home a show home for guests.

Create Hollywood Regency Style in your home. Here’s our top 4 tips for the Hollywood makeover:

1. Statement Furniture

Introduce a statement chair within a room, a striking addition and a conversation starter for your guests. If you’ve not got the Hollywood budget, shop around and find your perfect match in second hand, or thrift shops.Hollywood Regency Style – More Is More by The London Shutter Company

2. Bold Colours
Hollywood lives for intense colour and drama. Introduce audacious colours into your home. Monochrome flooring with a citrus lime-green, pulsating pink against a beige backdrop. Choose your colour and introduce your own Hollywood Glam.

Hollywood Regency Style – More Is More by The London Shutter Company

3. Gorgeous Glass
Hollywood Regency Style thrives on the elaborate chandelier. To create your Hollywood style look for 1930’s chandeliers- look out for crystals to create the deluxe feel.

Hollywood Regency Style – More Is More by The London Shutter Company

4. Elaborate Prints
Hollywood Regency style is anything but understated. After choosing and identifying your bold and vibrant colour, pick out a pattern or elaborate texture to develop your maximist shazam.

Hollywood Regency Style – More Is More by The London Shutter Company

Take Hollywood Regency Style under your wing and create a vibrant passionate look within your home; transform your interiors into a luxurious and well-appointed atmosphere, and leap into your inner film star.

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