Millennial Pink – the tone of ambition

What is Millennial Pink, and why are we truly in love with this timeless tone? Millennial Pink is a combination of dusty, soft, grapefruit and salmon, developed for the narcissistic, self-driven Millennial individuals to thrive on and absorb (and take a somewhat deserved slice of ownership of the colour wheel).

Millennial Pink landed on our doorsteps in Spring/Summer 2017, entering the world of fashion, lifestyle and culture. The ubiquitous colour landed its official name last year and turned and twisted feelings towards the rose tone. Pink used to be déclassé, but now we’re sipping on a light rosé, surrounded by blush pink cushions, using our rose-gold iPhone. Millennial Pink is detaching itself from the engendered identity Pink once had, soon we will see Pink move towards an androgynous identity. Millennial Pink can be viewed as a political idea, reaching out to both genders, allowing both boys and girls to enjoy this shade.

This exciting, fresh tone can be paired with darker tones such as navy’s, metallic, darker pinks and even charcoal– to create and develop a depth within the shade. How can we introduce this eclectic shade into our homes and lifestyles?

Why not introduce a blush sofa to your living area? Combine the Millennial Pink with different textures to create contrasting effects. Millennial Pink works well against strong and durable materials such as concrete and heavy wooden features. Merge the hard masculine with the soft pink shade – developing a yin-and-yang feel. Amalgamate copper and gold tones within your living area, creating a luxurious and deluxe feel.

Millennial Pink – The Tone Of Ambition by The London Shutter Company

In the 50’s and 60’s Pink was popular with art deco styles, and recently we’re beginning to see it pop up throughout stylish restaurants and bars. Millennial Pink chairs against coppery surfaces to create a styled and fresh, yet authentic atmosphere.

Millennial Pink – The Tone Of Ambition by The London Shutter Company

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Millennial pink in the bedroom can complement pastel shades. Ranging from statement scatter cushions. Soft bedding and fabric headboards, or pink features – floral accessories, vases, pink artwork, or if you’re feeling a little avant-garde perhaps play with a neon sign to add a little drama to your boudoir.

Millennial Pink – The Tone Of Ambition by The London Shutter Company

We can develop Millennial Pink additions across a variety of rooms throughout the home. Millennial Pink can work well as an addition the kitchen – tableware, soft furnishings, floral décor and design.

Millennial Pink – The Tone Of Ambition by The London Shutter Company


Focusing back to our Millennial Population, little is currently positive, what with Millennial debt, generation rent, political conflicts, it is not surprising that a tone and shade that is connected to innocence and naivety has become so popular and present. Our current generation is regularly redefining what it is to be an adult and grown up. Sometimes nostalgia and recollection create an air of home comforts and innocent values. A plush blush cushion and velvet sofa to dampen the hardship. Millennial Pink is here to stay, the calming tone throughout our lifestyles will continue to nurture and develop and alleviate strong feelings of anger and distress.

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