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Spreading love with discounts on all materials at The London Shutter Company

We wanted to spread the love to our customers at The London Shutter Company by offering a fantastic 10% off all shutter materials up until Valentine’s Day. We’ve even increased this to 20% off our Aluminium Security Shutters. With the sale ending this Sunday 14th February, be sure to get in touch and arrange your full survey before Friday this week to make the most of these discounts.

There are multiple benefits that your shutters have to offer including light, temperature, and privacy control. Designed for you and your home, you can choose your shutter customisation by selecting your preference of these below factors;


Our most popular shutter style is full height shutters either with a divider rail or hidden break in the panel. Tier on tier shutters, which are best suited to larger windows, can also be a popular choice as well as café style shutters for rooms where enhanced privacy without total light block is preferred.


The best material choice for your shutters depends on the room, intended purpose and the likely frequency of use. The most popular material choices are Craftwood MDF and Hardwood. Craftwood MDF is our entry level material which is robust in nature with a smooth finish and cost effective. Hardwood is a great choice for those looking for a wooden material choice – panels are made from hardwoods with an MDF fixing frame keeping costs low. If you are looking for something more luxurious then our Pearlwood will be just what you’re looking for as shutters will be made entirely from wood. Looking for something a little more specialised? Our waterproof, ultra or aluminium security shutters might be just what you’re looking for.


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Our most popular colours are pure white and silk white colours as these stunning whites blend wonderfully with windows and their surrounds and are also a great choice to match to any choice of interior designs.

Tilt Mechanism

Traditional shutters have a tilt rod to control slat movement, however contemporary preferences are to build an internal mechanism into the panel so that slats can be moved in the entire panel by simply pushing one of the slats. If you are looking for a tilt rod but would prefer that this is not located in the centre of the panel then you can also opt for our offset tilt rod option so there is something for every design preference.

Design extras

There are also many other additional design options for your shutters to consider and we are here to help you decide which are the best for you. These extras include slat size, hinge colour, stile option and possible additions such as integrated room darkening blinds.

To get your lovable sale price shutters, submit your sizes using our Online Quote Calculator or give the team a call on 02088719333. We’re here to help with anything that you may need.